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Reed diffuser

Reed diffuser

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Our 120ml, vegan-friendly reed diffusers, will give you 1-2 months of tropical fragrance. Sold with 4 ultra thick fibre reeds and with small roses.

We recommend rotating your reed sticks every other day to get the strongest scent throw.

*Please note due to the natural colouring of fragrance oil, the liquid inside the diffuser may be yellow in colour, this is completely normal. For the purposes of the product photos, the diffuser bottle was shot empty.



BAHAMA MAMA: PINEAPPLE, COCONUT & SWEET RUM – A modern tropical fusion of creamy coconut and fresh ripe pineapple. Sweet rum sugar base notes round out this lush and luxurious fruit medley.

BAHAMIAN: A SHOT OF OUDH & MANGO - An intriguing blend of Eastern Oudh sweetened with juicy mango and fresh grapefruit, followed by red rose, geranium, patchouli and sweet musk.

BLUE MOUNTAIN: JAMAICAN COFFEE & WALNUT - A hypnotizing infusion of freshly ground, lightly roasted coffee beans sprinkled with crunchy walnut and a dusting of the finest smooth cocoa.

BOTANICAL GARDENS: SORREL & GINGER – Ginger is the first thing to be smelled when you remove the lid of Sorrel Ginger. It takes a while to notice a flowering scent of hibiscus, lilac, damas rose and jasmine smell which hits you after ginger fades away. The scent is sharp and spicy due to added ginger kick.

CALYPSO: MANGO & STARFRUIT – A modern tropical fusion of subtle starfruit and fresh ripe mango. A burst of summer will fill your room, which may very well transport your senses to an island on the Caribbean.

CARMEL WATERFALLS: BLACK RASPBERRY & VANILLA - A delicious scent of ripe raspberries with hints of strawberry, sandal, jasmin, vanilla and musk.

CROPOVER: SUGARCANE & GRAPEFRUIT – Is a super refreshing and sophisticated summer fragrance. It starts with ripe, tangy grapefruit fused with a freshly sweet sugarcane, with tropical refreshment undertone.

CRYSTAL CAVES: AVOCADO & MINT - Cool avocado, green mint and nuances of watery cucumber are invigorated by a rush of peppermint, spearmint and hints of green floral.


DEVON HOUSE: RUM & RAISIN ICE CREAM - Rich vanilla ice-cream layered with a touch of spicy rum and juicy raisins.

FLYING FISH: EUCALYPTUS, LEMON & WILD MINT - A herbal eucalyptus wrapped in a fresh mint and lemon aroma, enhanced by fruity floral notes all resting on a base of patchouli and woods.

HUMMINGBIRD: GINGER BEER – A Caribbean ginger beer scent infusing fresh spicy ginger with zesty lemons, sweet sugar, and lashings of fizzy soda.

IRIE: CITRONELLA & FRESH PEPPERMINT – A natural insect-repelling scent, with notes of fresh citrus and clean foliage. A herbal citrus blend of orange, citronella and lemongrass top notes followed by a heart of Chinese citronella which rests on a base of sweet vanilla. Fresh Peppermint Fragrance Oil Supreme Blend of a minty fresh peppermint perfume with a clean, herbaceous eucalyptus background.

MYSTICS SUNSET: LAVENDER & MADAGASCAN VANILLA - The Natural Collection Madagascan Vanilla & Lavender adds a modern twist on traditional lavender flowers blended with top notes of green ozone and the smooth creamy vanilla essence of the Madagascan vanilla bean followed by middle notes of herbs & flowers. Supported by a sumptuous base of vanilla fond, musk and woody notes.


NEGRIL: STRAWBERRY & WATERMELON - Strawberry & watermelon is a sparkling fragrance that bursts on the scene with the aroma of plump red ripe sweet Strawberries upon a foundation of juicy summer fresh Watermelon.

PALM TREE: DRAGONFRUIT, GUAVA & PAPAYA – A burst of summer will fill your room as papaya and guava top notes meld with the delightful dragon fruit.

PLAYA PARAISO: PARADISE BEACH - Escape to paradise. This stunning fragrance combines fresh bergamot, bright orange and rich amber with warming notes of exotic coconut, vanilla and almond.


SANDY BAY: ALOE & CUCUMBER - This comforting fragrance is the scent of crisp, cool cucumbers, refreshing green aloe and a touch of fresh citrus blended together to create a scent as light as a summer breeze.

SAVANNAH: FRESH BERGAMOT & RED GRAPEFRUIT - A revitalising accord opening with fresh bergamot, verbena and red grapefruit, on a heart of jasmine, lily and rose with nuances of cardamon, ylang and thyme on a base of musk.

SUGAR BEACH: PAPAYA & PASSIONFRUIT – A juicy tropical accord of passionfruit and papaya combined with a fruit blend of sweet orange, pineapple, banana, blackcurrant, strawberry, peach kernel, raspberry, and apple.

TRAFALGAR FALLS: POMEGRANATE & LYCHEE – A fruity accord combining top notes of pomegranate, lychee, peach, orange, and rhubarb with floral nuances of jasmine, rose, pear and a base of sweet sugary notes, vanilla, and woods.

TROPICAL RAINFOREST: OLBAS - Olbas fragrance oil is unmistakable and is similar in scent to congestion oil, this distinctive aroma combines eucalyptus, peppermint and herbal nuances.

ZOUK TI PUNCH: RUM PUNCH – Take your senses to a tropical paradise! This exotic scent ideal for all seasons is an explosion of tropical fruits and sweet rum. This fruity scent begins with ripe pineapple, orange, and apple for a super juicy first impression. Hints of tangy grapefruit give this scent sharp, punchy citrus notes.

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