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Botanical Gardens | Sorrel & Ginger Candle 300ml

Botanical Gardens | Sorrel & Ginger Candle 300ml

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SORREL & GINGER - Ginger is the first thing to be smelled when you remove the lid of Sorrel Ginger. It takes a while to notice a flowering scent of hibiscus, lilac, damas rose and jasmine smell which hits you after ginger fades away. The scent is sharp and spicy due to added ginger kick.

The Botanical Gardens are one of the most important and popular sites in St Vincent and consist of peaceful, lush, rich green and colourful gardens, home to a wealth of tropical plants, flowers, trees, and birds. The centre walkway of the Botanical Gardens was lined with a variety of hibiscus.

Approx. 55 hours burn time - double wick | large iridescent jar, volume: 300ml.


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