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Self-Love Booty Body Wax Warmer

Self-Love Booty Body Wax Warmer

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Voluptuous bottom shaped wax warmer in grey to use with wax melts.

Add some cheeky charm to your home with these curvaceous female booty wax melt warmers. Simply add wax melts, simmering granules, or water with a couple of drops of essential or fragrance oils, pop in a tealight candle and these fun and flirty fragrance figurines will fill your home with your favourite fragrance.

Self-Love Booty Body Wax Warmer will provide a great addition to your desk, shelf or any other space. A perfect wax burner in a unique, minimalist design to ensure your décor is all that you need!

Size 12 x 9 x 13cm 

*Wax melts sold separately.

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