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Mini Diffuser Refill

Mini Diffuser Refill

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Car diffuser 10ml refill bottle. These bottles will fill your diffuser again TWICE. 

Reinvigorate your favourite scent simply by pouring the refill directly into a diffuser jar. Alternatively, wash the jar thoroughly and, when dry, enjoy the refill of a new and different scent. Refills are a great way to sample new scents with the offering across our full range of scents. Scent Volume: 10ml squeezable dropper bottle perfect for de-canting!


How to use:

  • Unscrew wooden lid
  • Remove plastic stopper
  • Screw wooden lid back on
  • Tip liquid into wood now and again

Polite notice:

We do not take responsibility for misuse of this product. The perfume is not for wearing, avoid contact with skin and furniture. The fragrance is highly concentrated so if a spillage occurs please clean up immediately. Diffuser contains fragrance oil & augeo base.

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