The Mind, Body, and Soul Connection

If you’ve ever been so stressed it made you physically sick or witnessed such beauty it felt like a spiritual experience, you’ve experienced a mind-body-soul connection.

A holistic approach to well-being involves bringing these three aspects of the self into balance to create harmony and health.

The phrase “mind, body, and soul” refers to the connection and relationship between these three aspects of yourself.

The mind, body, and soul conception is a way of understanding ourselves as "whole people." A Whole Person has personal and professional lives that interconnect — mental, physical, and spiritual components not only influence both spheres but also interact with each other.

Mind. Your mind is your thinking mind (both conscious and unconscious) that is responsible for your beliefs, thoughts, and actions.

Body. Your body is the physical aspect of yourself that carries you through life and allows you to experience the world through your five senses.

Soul. Your soul or spirit is that intangible part of you that you might refer to as your essence. If you belong to a particular faith, it may be easy for you to connect with the concept of your soul. If you are secular, you might find it outside of religions in actions such as spending time with yourself in nature, doing yoga, or meditating.

How to strengthen your mind, body, and soul in 13 steps



2.Learn something new

3.Get enough sleep

4.Find your passion

5.Take time off

6.Have a growth mindset



8.Eat a balanced diet

9.Practice yoga


10.Practice gratitude

11.Spend time in nature 

12.Connect with something greater than yourself

13.Be compassionate to yourself and others

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